Among the many beyond-the-Standard-Model (BSM) scenarios that have been proposed and investigated during the last thirty years, vector-like fermion extensions of the Standard Model seem particularly interesting, as they present features relevant both from the theoretical and phenomenological point of view. They can be utilized to construct such UV completions of the Standard Model that present either asymptotic freedom or asymptotic safety. They can explain some of the intriguing anomalies that have been recently observed in rare B-meson decays. Finally, there is a wide set of experimental measurements that can, directly or/and indirectly, detect their presence.

Research objectives

The underlying goal of the project is to construct and analyze vector-like models that can explain the recently observed flavor anomalies and in the same time to provide a viable UV completion of the Standard Model. The milestone research objectives include:

  • To analyze phenomenological properties of the BSM scenarios with vector-like fermions.
  • To study theoretical properties of various vector-like extensions of the Standard Model.
  • To work out, in collaboration with experimentalists, the best research strategies to look for the vector-like fermions.
  • To develop numerical tools that will be used in global analyses of the vector-like BSM extensions.